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    Candid Girl #125
 The Best Feet on Earth!
                                                    October 3, 2004


 Foot Queen 2006 


             In Search of The Ultimate Tapered Toes Goddess
She was tall & blond, about 5'10, in her mid 20's, kinda cute face, with great hair and a nice curvy body.  She was with a huge 6'5 guy who never left her side.  I was trying to sneak pics of #124, but then I walked by this Ultimate Foot Goddess.  She was standing there talking to her boyfriend, and I glanced down as I walked by, saw these unbelievable feet and almost passed out!  After I caught my breath, I just stood next to her and shot pics.  They didn't seem to notice me at first.  I followed her around for an hour, and kept taking more pics.  Another couple and a woman joined them, which made it harder to do.  After awhile the big guy started watching me, and the other guy was looking at me weird, but I kept at it, 'cause these feet had to be preserved for history!  These are some incredibly Tapered Toes, very beautiful & sexy!
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  CLIP1    CLIP2    CLIP3    CLIP4    CLIP5
                   (Clip #5 is Awesome!)
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